I recently attended a seminar on social entrepreneurship ideas where my whole view of the future changed. It was a bit of a Eureka moment, which fuelled a new passion in me for life. I never want to retire. I want to live with the same purpose one day when I’m 90 as I’m living now. This blog is part of that life and living loud to the outside world.

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Amongst a few more, I am a cyclist who loves reading. A biomedical engineer who used to play a lot of tennis. An amateur carpenter who also gardens. A daughter who is improving her cooking skills. A friend, photographer and a ginga ninja. Most of these characteristics took years to develop and/or love, and it took me thirty-something years to discover that they all are needed to answer my big ‘Why’. Why am I on earth?

I am still discovering as I’m going, but one thing I know – I want to live for those who are the least of us. The ones who are most vulnerable. The orphans who are left on doorsteps in poverty, the orphans who are abandoned because they are the product of an act of violence. Even the orphans who might appear to be well off because their parents provided for them. Because they are still orphaned. I want to live for the widows, who are left with no one to protect them, care for them. To cover over their broken hearts and help them navigate through life. I want to live for the foreigner who is the underdog in another country. Who struggles to find the right to belong. Who is courageous to leave behind everything familiar to build a new life.

The details on what and how is not that clear yet, but I have my ‘Why’ and that is enough for now. In order for me to live for the least of us, I simply have to LIVE. And live until I’m 90, or beyond. With open arms, with a broad smile, with an open door, with an open wallet, courageously, showing up as the full me. It will require being generous with what I have in my hands, however big or small it appears to be. It will require becoming fully everything that I was made to be, to live now and live boldly.

This is the beginning of a part of my story. The part where I invite others to join in my big ‘Why’. Every post on this blog will either have a direct link to reaching the vulnerable or would be part of what has and is shaping me to make my life open to being inconvenienced for others.

Read Benjamin P. Hardy’s article on making the shift to contextual living and start the journey to explore social entrepreneurship ideas.

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Mariette Conning

What am I about? I want to make an impact in the world. The only way I know how to do so is summed up in the words of Mother Teresa: ‘Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.’


Sam · October 16, 2017 at 4:35 pm

I love what you’re saying here. How few of us define the ‘big why’ in our lives….and then we wonder at age 70 why we feel uninspired, untapped and unimpressed. Thanks for asking the good questions and for living WELL.

    Debz · October 19, 2017 at 6:46 pm

    Awesome! To make our lives open to be inconvenienced for others…Such a challenge and such a calling in a generation where convenience is valued so highly. I look forward to seeing how you do that (more, as I already see evidence of it) and to being inspired to do it more myself.

Wendy Waterston · October 20, 2017 at 8:26 am

Inspiring my friend. It’s those who live for others and pour out love on others that are true history makers and world changers. Looking forward to great impact in this second half of our lives, finishing strong and leaving a legacy.

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