Singles around the world are celebrated annually on 11/11. This festival held in honor of the single person originated from Nanjing University, China, and is subsequently celebrated in many other regions outside of China. I want to take this opportunity to tell you as a single person, you are amazing!!

1. Single parents, you are next level

You are on the top of my list because I actually don’t have enough words for the respect I have for single parents. I have observed the lives of single people and the challenges they face. Furthermore, I have observed the lives of couples raising their kids and the challenges they face. Combine these two? You get a superhuman. Not only are you keeping yourself alive and well, you are single-handedly holding down the fort with a few mini-mes running around the house.

2. You are making big and small decisions every day, on your own

You have the grit to make big decisions and small decisions on a daily basis. Buying a house, changing jobs, the menu for dinner, what to do for Christmas, supporting your elderly parents financially. All are decisions that need to be made, and you are the primary one making them. Most of the time, you are pretty much making the right choice. Being decisive is definitely a reason to celebrate.

3. You are investing in many relationships every day

You as a single person have learned to share your heart with a couple of friends and not primarily only one. Doing this develops empathy for others and makes you an asset in society. You are spending a lot of time with your elderly parents and your nephews and nieces, which makes you the awesome daughter/son and aunt/uncle you are. You are dedicated to your job and invest in professional relationships to build networks to the benefit of many. Giving of yourself like this makes you courageous.

4. You are growing personally

Life throws curve balls at all of us, and you are doing a pretty good job handling them mostly on your own. Those big decisions I mentioned earlier? They are growing you and teaching you how to make better choices next time. Doctors appointments are inevitable and you are handling them with style and resilience. You are making a deliberate choice to grow through difficult times so that you are becoming a more mature person over time. You get up when you fall down so that you can grow, which takes a lot of humility.

5. You are the sole breadwinner and running a household, all on your own

During any normal week, you are juggling a crazy work schedule, buying groceries, keeping your home (somewhat) clean, keeping up your social life, balancing your finances, staying healthy and keeping that love fern alive (huh? what love fern?). You are on top of your responsibilities, and having fun while you are at it. Your everyday life is a display of how capable you are.

6. You are serving your community in a significant way

You have the desire to live a meaningful life, therefore, you make it a priority to find ways to impact the lives of others. Whether it is helping build up a college fund for your super clever nieces and nephews, or volunteering at the local animal shelter – you are using your time for the benefits of others. Keep on being as generous as you are!

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7. Single person, you are all in all amazing!

I have mentioned only 6 specific reasons why you are amazing, and there are a whole lot more than what is listed here. Bottomline is that I wanted to take the time to celebrate you and give you a big shout out. The world is a better place with you in it!

Mariette Conning

What am I about? I want to make an impact in the world. The only way I know how to do so is summed up in the words of Mother Teresa: ‘Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.’

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