Here you will find an invitation to live bigger, louder and wider. Open up your mind and heart to have an impact on society around you through implementing social entrepreneurship ideas. Join me as I am also on a journey – a journey living a life of impact. Find out more about me and view some of the books that I enjoyed over the years. If you want to follow me along this journey, sign up for my newsletter below.


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Thoughts on community living. Part 2 – Pause

If we are sincere about impacting our society and community we must first come into proximity with the people concerned/affected. We must TOUCH. We must be mindful of the pitfalls of pride and superiority mentalities. We must humble ourselves and observe, learn, think and evaluate. We must PAUSE.

Personal Journey

Life lessons from crypto trading

The biggest lesson I've learned from trading crypto is to control my emotions. That links so profoundly with every phase that I'll go through in my life. Basically - get a game plan and stick with it. Control my emotions and don't let them get the better of me.

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